Pool Interior Faq's

Yes, each pool interior kit includes a separate liquid cement bonder container which is inside your main kit container. During transit the liquid cement bonder could be covered with the dry mix so you may need to move some dry mix to find it.

There are two sizes of pebble pool finishes, regular and mini. Regular pebbles are between 4mm-6mm and mini pebbles are between 2mm-4mm. If you are not certain it’s best to attach some photos from our contact page and we can assist in identifying your pebble surface.

We formulate our products based on original batch formulas, but many factors come into play with a pool interior surface. Not all applicators use the same formulas and sometimes they used less pigments which can result in a lighter color. Because colors vary, there is no guarantee that the actual color will be an exact match to the image shown. Every monitor or mobile display has a different capability to display colors, and every individual may see these colors differently. If you are uncertain or need us to assist with identifying color please use our contact page.

Yes, Before making the repair you can mix a small amount of the dry mix material with a little water. Wet the existing surface so you can get an accurate color match as the patch material should match a wet surface. Make a comparison to see if the colors match. If the existing surface is lighter, add some Titanium Dioxide white cement colorant to the dry mix material to make the patch material lighter in color. Only add a small amount at a time so you do not make the patch material too light in color. Now compare again. If the existing surface is darker than the repair material, add some Black Dye Mix.

Yes you can add our RAPID SET to the wet mix and it will accelerate the setting and drying time. Our repair kits come standard with no accelerators to allow the average person ample time to work the material. Using our RAPID SET is recommended for persons with concrete experience.