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With the push of a button, you can now empty your skimmer basket!

DEBRIS Z® is an exciting new addition to your pool maintenance routine. Combining innovative technology and a patented design, DEBRIS Z® brings you a clean and dry solution to empty that old gross skimmer basket all with the push of a button!

Every pool owner knows leaves aren’t the only thing ending up in your skimmer. Creepy crawlies, along with small furry creatures can find their way in, but there is only ONE way out, your hands!!! Not anymore! The convenient easy-grip handle extends out of the water so your hands won’t come in contact with the water, waste, and more.

Available in two popular skimmer basket sizes for B9 and B152

DEBRIS Z® B9 fits U3 style skimmers including Hayward 1070, PacFab, Jacuzzi Deckmate, SwimQuip, Sta-Rite, Pentair, and American Products skimmers.

DEBRIS Z® B152 fits Hayward 1080 series skimmers including AUTO-SKIM models SP1080-SP1082 skimmers.

US Patent 9,260,877

AU Patent 2014202272

CA Patent 2,846,017


B9 Dimensions Top 8-⅜” Bottom 6-⅛” Depth 5-½” Height 12-½”

B152 Dimensions Top 7-¼” Bottom 6-⅝” Depth 5″ Height 12”


– Emptying DEBRIS Z® is a snap: With the pool pump running, open the skimmer lid and use the easy-grip handle to lift DEBRIS Z® out of the water. Slowly dip it back into the skimmer, so the flow of water will help loosen the debris that’s stuck to the basket’s inner walls.

– Lift DEBRIS Z® out of the water and bring it to a trash receptacle. Simply push the button, slightly shake the handle, and DEBRIS Z® gets rid of the mess.

– Once the debris has been discarded, hold the button down and push the swinging door back into the locked position. Then, replace it back in the skimmer.

– Open and shut, DEBRIS Z® is the best skimmer basket on the market. No more cold water, wet leaves, or creepy crawlies to mess with… ever!


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