Pool Deck Faq's

Yes, each pool deck kit includes a separate liquid cement bonder container which is inside your main kit container. During transit the liquid cement bonder could be covered with the dry mix so you may need to move some dry mix to find it.

There’s two types of common pool deck materials and one very common texture known as lace. The first type of material is a porous cement based lace texture known as “Kool Deck” or “Cool Deck” and the second type of common pool deck material is an acrylic lace texture which looks similar to the traditional “Kool Deck” texture but this deck material is painted. The easiest way to distinguish between the two types of materials is to wet the pool deck surface, if the pool deck surface gets darker after you wet it you have the porous “Kool Deck” lace texture, if it remains the same color you have an acrylic deck which is painted. Lace texture is the most common pool deck surface texture and looks just like our color swatch samples. Our pool deck repair kits can also be used to repair acrylic deck systems with Lace, Simulated Flagstone, Brick, and Tile. Although our pool deck deck kits are pigmented to match popular porous cement based decking like Mortex® and Stegmeier® colors they can be used to patch acrylic deck systems but may need to be painted to match. If you are looking to paint your deck surface view our POOL PATCH® POOL DECK PAINT COATING

We formulate our products based on original batch formulas, but many factors come into play with a pool deck surface. Not all deck applicators use the same formulas and sometimes they used less pigments which can result in a lighter color. Because colors vary, there is no guarantee that the actual color will be an exact match to the image shown. Every monitor or mobile display has a different capability to display colors, and every individual may see these colors differently. If you are uncertain or need us to assist with identifying your pool deck color please use our contact page.

The answer is yes. You can use our POOL PATCH® POOL DECK PAINT COATING to give your existing porous cement based lace Kool Deck or acrylic deck system a fresh new look. Please visit the product page to read our recommendations and instructions.

Yes you can add our RAPID SET to the wet mix and it will accelerate the setting and drying time. Our pool deck repair kits come standard with no accelerators to allow the average person ample time to work the material. Using our RAPID SET is recommended for persons with concrete experience.