Pool Patch® Quartz Pool Plaster Repair Kit


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Pool Patch® Quartz Pool Plaster Repair Kit is composed of our waterproof pozzolan blended cement, premium natural quartz aggregate and colored quartz highlights blended with the finest mineral-based pigments. Each kit includes our liquid cement bonder specifically designed to improve bonding. Our quartz pool plaster repair kit is designed to be applied on a dry repair surface and the typical curing time is 3-4 hours before the repair area has cured and the pool can be filled with water. In addition, our quartz pool plaster repair kit offers ease of workability and clean-up, rapid cure, high compressive strength, low shrinkage, and excellent bond strength. Formulated for repairs on 3M Quartz, QuartzScapes®, ColorScapes® pool surfaces and other common swimming pool quartz plaster surfaces. Our quartz plaster formula is the perfect solution for making repairs to swimming pool plaster cracks and delaminations.

Not sure which color surface you have? Visit our contact page and attach a photo of your quartz pool surface.

Liquid Cement Bonder Included Inside of Kit

Available in multiple colors, compatible with popular 3M Quartz, QuartzScapes®, ColorScapes® colors. Available in 1.5lb. 3 lb. 10 lb. 25lb. and 50 lb. sizes


Every monitor or mobile display has a different capability to display colors.

– Highly recommended to color-check the dry material from the kit to compare color.

– Mix a tablespoon of the dry mix with water, then wet your existing surface and compare the wet colors.

– To create a lighter color use our Titanium Dioxide.

– To create a darker color add our Black Dye.


1. Lower water below the repair area.

2. Remove loose cement and chip the area down a minimum of a ¼ inch deep.

3. Add 2 oz. of LIQUID CEMENT BONDER per 1½ lb. of DRY POOL PATCH CEMENT MIX. Add water and mix until a putty consistency is achieved.

4a. CRACK REPAIRS – Apply POOL PATCH into the crack and wipe off excess material with a moist sponge.

4b. CHIPS & LARGER AREAS -Trowel POOL PATCH firmly filling the area. Trowel till the patch is smooth and flat. Remove excess from the edges with a moist sponge. After POOL PATCH stiffens, trowel again with a moist trowel until the area is flat and smooth.


WARNING: Contains Cement, an Alkaline substance irritating to eyes and skin. Contains Acrylic Resin Cement Bonder. Should product contact eyes, flush them immediately and repeatedly with water and call a Physician. DO NOT TAKE IT INTERNALLY.  In case of skin contact, rinse immediately with water. USE OF RUBBER GLOVES AND EYE PROTECTION IS RECOMMENDED.



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1.5lb (3/4 sq ft = 3/8″ depth)

3lb (1.5 sq ft = 3/8″ depth)

10lb (5 sq ft = 3/8″ depth)

25lb (12.55 sq ft = 3/8″ depth)

50lb (25 sq ft = 3/8″ depth)

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