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pool patch products
pool patch products
Pool Patch



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Pool Patch an Industry Leader

Innovative DIY Pool Solutions

Pool Patch® is an established manufacturer of innovative and professional swimming pool repair products. Our products are used by pool professionals and pool owners in a wide array of swimming pool repair applications and always fulfill the highest quality standards.

We blend quality USA-made materials in every pool repair product we manufacture. Our pool tile, deck, and interior pool finish repair products are blended with Pozzolans and Polymers to create maximum bonding strength.

Our Pool Products

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pool tile

pool tile

Pool Patch® Tile products are composed of our waterproof Portland cement specifically designed to set and grout pool tiles.

pool interior

pool interior

Pool Patch® Interior products are available for plaster, pebble, quartz, and glass composed of our pozzolan blended cement.

Pool deck

Pool deck

Pool Patch® Deck products include acrylic deck coating paints and our premixed concrete topping for cement and acrylic decks.


We blend quality USA made materials in every pool repair product we manufacture.

#1 Pool Repair Products in America

The Pool Patch® brand has been there for you for over 10 years, tackling your toughest repairs and restorations.

Highest Quality Materials & Standards

We are an American original and remain committed to bringing you honest, reliable, quality pool repair products.

Pool Experience You Can Trust

Our background is renovating swimming pools this inspired us to offer DIY pool repair products to pool owners.

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Your satisfaction is our priority !

“ Our pool is gunite and 35 years old. It was resurfaced 8 years ago at considerable expense and a few spots required patching. This product gave us adequate time to apply and smooth the surface. There is a faster drying patch that just drys way to fast. ”

Matthew J. C. Drew

“ Used this to patch some rough spots on my gunite pool before painting, worked great and took to the paint perfectly. Easy to sand smooth after hardening. ”

Ben Walker

" I bought this with the Pool Patch tile setting repair kit. It works great and is exactly what I needed to replace a tile that fell off the wall of our pool. Both products were very easy to use and the tile was back on the wall in 5 min. "

C Garguilo

" VERY pleased with this well engineered product. Great simple instructions, perfect adhesion and color matching provided in an air tight container that permits partial usage. "


" Product was easy to use and worked great. It has been 4 months and there is no cracking and no problems. I highly recommend this product!!! "

David R. Mayer

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